Terms and Conditions of Membership


What we offer!


  • Continuous updates from NAS, ESFA & the LEP's.
  • A strong united voice
  • Where possible, access to additional funding
  • Access to training solutions for your staff
  • Representation at ALPSE and ALP National
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Sharing of good practices
  • Updates on new initiatives
  • Help you though the minefield of work based learning
  • Support mechanism
  • Bi monthly meetings and bulletins
  • Representation at Chambers events and School events




What we don’t offer!


  • The use of ALPS logo or its corporate imagine, in any form, electronic or otherwise without prior written permission of a Director.
  • Press, Television or Radio communication on any subject connected directly or indirectly with ALPS without prior written permission of a Director.
  • We do not endorse your training, training facilities or provision in any way, shape or form.
  • We are not here to take up individual issues with funding bodies or any external agencies.

Being part of ALPS includes signing up to a data sharing policy which enables us to understand the network as a whole, to highlight any problem areas and to offer support to providers as needed. This data sharing is across partnerships, including NAS, ESFA, & ALPSE.

Membership Costs

The membership this year will be for 12 months running from 1st August to 31st July.


ALPS Partnership Ltd
PO Box 521