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Whitehat Becomes Multiverse!

In 2020 our growth accelerated massively. We tripled the number of apprentices we trained, reached 300 clients across the most exciting companies in the world, and attracted some incredible talent to our firm. The heart of it has been our dedication to a single mission: to create the outstanding alternative to university and corporate training. It’s meant helping our apprentices through the challenge of COVID-19, and answering our clients need for skilled individuals to facilitate rapid digital transformation.

How do we power this mission through 2021?

For starters, we’ve just closed the largest venture round of any EdTech company in UK history. It’s inspiring for us to know that leading investors are still excited by the opportunities and potential ahead of us – just as you were when we first started working together. The Series B round, which closed at $44m, was led by General Catalyst, the backers of Airbnb, Snapchat and Deliveroo. GV (Google Ventures) and some of the world best venture capital firms like Index, Lightspeed and Latitude are backing us. And, as if that’s not enough, we’ve attracted some incredible angel investors who will be advising us as we continue building the best learning products on the market. People like Anne Wojcicki, the CEO of 23andMe and Jeremy Darroch, Executive Chairman at Sky.

In the words of one of our investors, Microsoft Chairman John W. Thompson: ‘We’re at an inflection point where every enterprise company is having to become a tech firm, generating a huge demand for skills in digital, data and software. This gives us a chance to find better ways to train people, and change the current imbalance of who gets access to great careers. The apprenticeship model Multiverse has built is a gamechanger’.

This funding unlocks not just the opportunity to change the model for training in the UK forever, it will power our expansion overseas to the U.S. In common with many of the challenges in the UK, America faces degree dropout rates as high as 40%, a systemic challenge in racial equity, and a profound need for digital skills. We’ll use everything we learn in both countries to continue developing apprenticeships that are truly revolutionary. Soon you’ll be part of a group of businesses that are changing what it means to learn and work around the world.

It’s also meant we’ve been able to attract some incredible leaders into the business. Jeremy Duggan has earned a reputation as one of the UK’s top executives, building three back-to-back tech companies to unicorn valuation and writing the playbook for pre-IPO startups. Today we announce he joins as President where, supporting our CEO Euan, he’ll be turbo-charging what we offer to clients. In his own words: ‘More than any other tech company today, Multiverse is driving incredible growth and scale, but in a way that also delivers real value to society by generating wonderful opportunities for a new and diverse generation’. We’re excited to introduce to him in the coming months.

Finally, we’re starting this year with a bold step forward by changing our name from WhiteHat to Multiverse. The inspiration for WhiteHat came from computer hacking for good. While we spent four successful years hacking the system, we were only just getting started. Inspired by the theory that there’s an infinite number of alternative universes, our new name, Multiverse, communicates our belief in launching limitless possibilities.

As Multiverse, we’re focusing on the future, staying true to the core of our mission and opening up multiple career paths in many different fields across leadership, digital and tech. Our name may have changed but we haven’t. We’re still committed to seeing potential beyond academics, delivering world-class teaching content and helping apprentices build strong networks.

So that’s it for now. We can’t express how excited we are to share all of this incredible news with you and, once again, thank you for believing in our mission. We’re looking forward to taking on the next part of the Multiverse journey with you.

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