FSB Kickstart Webinar

ALPS’s Network Manager, Sue Taylor, was on the panel of a webinar for SMEs run by Federation of Small Businesses a few days ago to provide valuable information on the Goverment’s Kickstart scheme and its link to Apprenticeships. This communication was received from Ray Abrahams of Surrey FSB.

Dear Sue

Nearly 300 SMEs registered to attend our webinar on the Kickstart Scheme and Apprenticeships which took place this morning.

Firstly, a huge FSB thank you for being a panellist and updating so many SMEs on the benefits of hiring an apprentice. You answered many participant questions which show a huge interest in apprentices going forward. Last week Mims Davies MP and Under Secretary of State for Work and Pensions made it perfectly clear in a meeting that the Kickstart Scheme and Apprenticeships go hand in hand and are both a major ingredient to assist our economic recovery.

You expertly made that point and this was evidenced in the chat as you promoted the apprenticeships programme. Many thanks Sue. Very informative.


Ray Abrahams
Development Manager, Surrey 
Federation of Small Businesses