Case Study from a resilient Apprentice

During my time at George Abbot sixth form I took 4 A-Levels: Mathematics, Engineering, IT and Geography, whilst also doing lots of extra curricular activities. Throughout that time I had always thought University wasn’t for me and had started looking into apprenticeships, however didn’t fully understand how the process to get an apprenticeship worked or what the different levels were like. This was the case until I went to a session with Sue Taylor that George Abbot had set up for sixth form students, where I then understood all the different levels of apprenticeships and how and where to apply to them via the website for apprenticeships. I have now since applied to 25+ higher and degree apprenticeships and got three offers to which I have accepted a degree apprenticeship in Digital and Technology solutions with Accenture. The main take away from applying to all these apprenticeships is that the whole application process takes longer than you think, which is why having a cover and CV that can be changed easily for each role can really help, and yes I intend to come back next year.