Surrey Apprentice Graduation Ceremony

Angela Richardson, the Member of Parliament representing Guildford, assumed the role of the featured speaker at the 8th annual Surrey Apprentices Graduation Ceremony, which took place at Guildford Cathedral this year.

This event, conducted in collaboration with The Association of Learning Providers Surrey (ALPS), was a joyous occasion that marked the graduation of 100 apprentices, alongside the participation of learning providers, employers, and parents. The day was filled with festivities and enjoyment, and it has become customary for attendees to arrive early, don their academic gowns, take professional photographs, and have the opportunity to meet some of the event’s speakers.

This occasion also serves as a valuable platform for engaging with the local MP and key stakeholders. It was particularly relevant given our members’ concerns regarding the minimum wage for apprenticeships, which often discourages individuals from pursuing apprenticeship opportunities.